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皇 仁 ‧ 重 現

Q U E E N ' S , O N C E  M O R E

荷李活道校舍模型 (地庫)

Hollywood Road Campus Model (Basement)

Operating the Model 操作說明


Zoom 放大縮小

Double click on model or scroll anywhere or Pinch (touch)



Pan 調整位置

Right click + drag or Two fingers drag (touch)

按實右鍵 並 移動,或用兩隻手指同時移動螢幕


Orbit around 調整角度

Left click + drag or One finger drag (touch)

按實左鍵 並 移動,或用一隻手指移動螢幕



The 2nd campus of Queen’s College (now PMQ) was completed in 1889 opposite Central School (CS, Gough Street campus) at the junction of Hollywood Road and Aberdeen Street, Sheung Wan. It was opposite the Central School Gough Street Campus, neighbouring Dr Sun Yat-sen’s former residence on 2 Bridges Street as well as the HK College of Medicine for Chinese. The construction of the second campus last 5 years, and came at a price tag of HKD 250,000, being the second most expensive building in Hong Kong at the time. Designed to house more than 900 pupils, with comprehensive facilities including 21 classrooms, laboratories, student activity room, 2 playgrounds and 1 covered playground, the Campus was far more spacious than CS.

皇仁書院第二代校舍 (今PMQ元創坊) 於1889年落成,位於上環荷李活道及鴨巴甸街交界、歌賦街大書院 (中央書院) 校舍對面 ,附近有孫中山先生故居 (必列者士街2號)、香港西醫書院等辛亥革命遺址。這幢具新古典風格的建築物需時5年、耗資25萬元興建,是香港當時造價第二昂貴的建築物。該校舍空間遠較大書院寬敞,除了可容納逾900名學生外,更配備完善設施,包括21間課室、實驗室、學生活動室、兩個球場及一個有蓋操場。

Hollywood Road Model (1st Floor) 1

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