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Old Boy Directory 舊生名錄 


Coming Soon! 即將啟用!

Queen’s College (QC) was founded in the name of “Central School” in 1862 and moved from its first campus on Gough Street to Hollywood Road in 1889. Unfortunately, Hollywood Road campus, together with all school records were completely destroyed during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong between 1941-45. That includes the whole school register - which by 1909 and 1923 had recorded at least 11,000 and 16,800 pupils’ enrolment in QC respectively.


In order to piece together the pre-war history of QC, the curatorial team initiated the OQC & Staff directory project in Summer 2018. The aim is to compile all pupil and staff records from 1862 to present from primary historical materials including our school magazine (The Yellow Dragon), historical photographs and collections, old newspapers, government gazettes and notices. It is estimated that up to 25,000 pupils have enrolled in QC from 1862-1941, and we have already compiled around 11,800 records.





Research Project Convenor 研究計劃召集人:

張壯立校友 Mr. Cheung Chong Lap (OQC CE76)

Research Project Lead 研究計劃主管:

余尚賢校友 Mr. Yu Sheung Yin Joseph Gregory (OQC DSE12)

Research Project Members 研究計劃成員:

馮如金校友 Mr. Fung Yue Kam (OQC CE76)

Ms. Hayward, Nikita

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