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Visiting Us 參觀資訊

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如有參觀查詢, 請填妥下列表格,或以電郵聯絡我們,謝謝!

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Past Events 活動留影

2018.08.26 - Visit of HK Maritime Museum Volunteers 香港海事博物館義工到訪

2018.07.07 - Visit of Dr Gillian Bickley 白潔蓮博士到訪

2017.09.29 - Visit of Mr Wong Yan Lung OQC 黃仁龍校友到訪

2017.09.16 - QCHM Open Days 校史館開放日

2017.03.03-04 - QCHM Open Days 校史館開放日

2017.01.23 - QCHM Opening Ceremony 校史館開幕典禮

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