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Gough Street Campus Model

Operating the Model 操作說明


Zoom 放大縮小

Double click on model or scroll anywhere or Pinch (touch)



Pan 調整位置

Right click + drag or Two fingers drag (touch)

按實右鍵 並 移動,或用兩隻手指同時移動螢幕


Orbit around 調整角度

Left click + drag or One finger drag (touch)

按實左鍵 並 移動,或用一隻手指移動螢幕



Gough Street Central School comprised of the Lower School, Upper School, and 3 outbuildings (inferred to be kitchen, latrines and coolie quarters from historical sources) on the Hollywood Road front. The campus measured 1,200 sq. m., and had entrances on Gough Street and Shing Wong Street. The buildings had a simple design that showed both Chinese and western architectural styles. For example, Chinese roof tiles were laid, Jalousie windows and verandahs in colonial style were adopted to accommodate the local Hong Kong climate. The then campus only had 5 schoolrooms, 2 at the Lower School accompanied by a lecture hall, and another 2 on the ground floor of the Upper School. The two school buildings were linked by an overhead bridge, and the Headmaster and Second Master used to live on the first floor of the Upper School. Three masters used to teach at the same time in a schoolroom, where 2 columns and 5 rows of long benches were set for up to a hundred pupils. The schoolrooms were poorly lit, but decorated with all kinds of posters on topics like mechanics, human biology and natural history to aid teaching. Central School became the first school in Hong Kong to be equipped with its own laboratories in 1869.


Gough Street Model 1

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