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皇 仁 ‧ 重 現

Q U E E N ' S , O N C E  M O R E

A B E R D E E N - 鴨 巴 甸 街 - S T R E E T
C A U S E W A Y - 高 士 威 道 - R O A D
A B O U T - 關 於 - U S


3-D Digital Campus Model


The 3-D campus campus model of Central School on Gough Street is reconstructed meticulously and professionally by Kingsfield Engineering Limited in digital format after painstaking and comprehensive historical analyses of primary sources by historians in the Museum Curatorial Team, collected in countless Archives and Libraries across the World.

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"Rome was not built in a day" - neither was Central School. Learn more about the history of the campus.




Historic Objects help us understand the Campus as a lived space for countless  pupils, masters and mistresses.

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The Model and its details was rebuilt accurately according to primary sources analysed by historians.

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Gough Street main start
Gough Street Main start 2

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