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The museum initiates regular educational projects to induce participants to rethink the role and impact of QC in Hong Kong’s development, and to instil a stronger sense of belonging and responsibility to QC amongst current and Old QC Boys. Using internal collection and external sources compiled, the museum also conducts historical research projects, like oral history and archival research, on the development of QC and its relationship with Hong Kong, China and the World.




Curators update the QC History Fun Facts blog regularly, presenting you the unknown side of school history.



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Oral History records are important in filling up gaps in history that official text-based history and our object collections cannot. They are important in revealing the school experience and culture felt by students, staff and the public in the most original manner. The museum and the school are committed to recording as many Oral History materials as possible for future research purposes and for everyone to gain an insight into our nostalgic past.


We hold an extensive archive (both textual and photographic) that is relevant for a wide range of researches. Relevant areas include early Hong Kong history, development of education in Hong Kong, Hong Kong social elites through the ages, the development of government schools in Hong Kong, and more. We also welcome enquiries and contributions on Old Boys of Queen's College - be it yourself or your ancestors. Please click on the button to contact us for research enquiries. We reserve the right to refuse inappropriate, irrelevant and commercial research enquiries.



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Historical Campus Tour 歷史校園遊

The school has set up QR code displays at different locations in the campus, to provide historical information on the development of campus, our various Principals and even the botanical collection via the online platform.


學校在校園不同位置設置QR 電子條碼,在電子平台介紹校園和歷任校長的歷史,以及校內的花草樹木。

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